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VA-52 (Navy Decals)


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** THREE For The Price of One **(on 3in. & 4in. Decals)
Buy One - Get 3 (4-inch or smaller, excludes Magnetic Bullet Holes)
All of RockMil's decal media types are of waterproof vinyl that is dye-printed, & uv-proteced. Adhesive Stick-ons are printed on a matte white vinyl stock that looks like paper (imagine a 'label' if you will). This type is not easily removable once it has set (2 - 3 hours). Vinyl Cling & Ultra Cling decals are printed on either a clear glossy vinyl media or a white glossy vinyl media. These media are best for adhering to glass and other smooth surfaces (the less pores the better). Its somewhat removable and resetable too. Vinyl Cling sticks by static electricity - there's no adhesive. Vinyl Ultra Cling has adhesive and is great for a sticker inside your car facing outward "(inside looking out)". They can also be printed forward, like a label or 'sticker', the default, for adherence to mirrors or glass inside an office - maybe even your computer monitor. Rockmil's latest media offer is Weatherproof, White, Glossy Vinyl - Your decal is printed on white vinyl and coated in a thin UV protectant sprayed-on layer then sealed with a clear vinyl layer. Please note:
    Our Weatherproof media is the only outdoor approved sticker material Rockmil sells; All others may fade when adhered to an outside object such as an automobile.
Iron-on / Heat Transfer media are designed for adherence to T-Shirts & Sweatshirts as well as hundreds of other materials. Iron-ons are easy to work with. Waterslide decals are designed for permanent adhesion to glass, plastic and metal surfaces. They're generall used to decorate coctail glasses and the outside of car and truck windows. Magnets are printed on a thick, magnetized media That is black on the magnet side and white on the image side. They're typically used on the proverbial refridgerator. You can stick 'em on your file cabinets too. And, they are removable and can be used over and over again. To see all the media RockMil prints its stickers on look here
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